A video can be game changer

In today’s modern world where everything is like a fleeting memory people remember the things that stand out. To stand out you need to leave an imprint on people’s memory and the quickest way to do this amazing feat is through a video nonetheless which class or society you belong to, because videos used in the right way can leave the longest and the most lasting impacts.

Now every brand has their own target audience and can easily target them through social media but to leave an impact you need an extra ordinary video. A single video can establish the brand or ruin it. MrBeast made philanthropy more interesting so millions of people watch and supports the brand he promotes as people often associate both of them together. If the brand is paying for thing good thing that means they care. Again, Pewdiepie the largest individual creator on youtube with a single video caused the adpocalypse and made thousands of brands stop their promotion on the platform itself. The video was intended to be a joke. In the more mainstream media coca-cola has done an outstanding job of promoting themselves and through videos have made themselves associated with happiness itself. Open a bottle of happiness, we all have heard this.

So yes, a single video can be a game changer, but the video needs to be right, it needs to do what it was intended to do, it needs to convey exactly what it was meant to and it can create a huge difference for the brand and create the brand image the brand wants to.

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